Medical Malpractice Lawyers in White Plains, New York

If you or someone you know has been the victim of medical malpractice, you are urged to contact a Medical Malpractice lawyer in White Plains, New York. Malpractice is the act of negligence on behalf of a patient. Medical malpractice is also commonly known as medical malpractice and it can occur for any number of reasons. A surgical failure, an incorrect treatment or surgery, a birth injury or disease, dental mistakes and errors in diagnosing a disease all fall under the umbrella of medical malpractice. Find the advantages of these White Plains medical malpractice lawyers here. There are many different areas that a medical malpractice lawyer in White Plains, New York can focus his or her practice. These areas of practice include but are not limited to:


Surgical failure refers to a situation where the surgery was unsuccessful, the patient developed an illness afterwards and the surgical failure was responsible for this illness. Failure to diagnose can also be considered a form of medical malpractice. In this case the patient suffered some type of illness from the failed medical procedure. Surgical negligence can take the form of not properly treating a disease, performing a procedure that is too risky, not providing the appropriate medical care for a patient or surgery that is too inadequate.


Surgical error refers to when a doctor performs an invasive procedure and it was not what was expected. This can happen for a number of reasons. Many doctors do not have extensive training in performing surgery. In addition, they can make rookie mistakes such as inserting too much anesthesia or placing an instrument in the wrong spot. In these cases a medical malpractice lawyer in White Plains, New York can bring a lawsuit against the doctor.


Dental mistakes can also cause major problems for patients. A patient may go into a dental clinic with a toothache but get a tooth abscess. In this case a malpractice case may be brought against the clinic. Surgical error can cause bone and nerve damage that could affect the functioning of the body. For example, a person who is having a heart attack can suffer complications if the surgeon cut too much into the heart causing the clot to burst.


Another type of medical malpractice refers to the improper administration of anesthesia. An example would be if a patient is undergoing a heart attack and dies two hours later. If the doctor failed to treat this complication properly, it could result in death. A medical malpractice lawyer in White Plains, New York could bring a lawsuit on behalf of the patient. Surgical errors during a breast implant surgery could lead to a woman losing her breasts or suffering from severe pain after the operation.


All forms of medical malpractice require a medical malpractice lawyer in White Plains, New York. These lawyers specialize in this area of the law and have handled several cases of this nature. There are many attorneys to choose from in the city, so you need to make sure that you find one who has handled a similar case like yours. Otherwise, you might not get the compensation that you deserve.